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We are dedicated to the restoration of health and wellness. We create natural medicines from powerful ingredients that are proven scientifically and through traditional use that work with your body's own systems to cleanse, rebalance and restore. 

Natural, Gentle and Safe

Our products are made from all natural ingredients, are gentle and safe. We source only the highest quality ingredients and each product is developed with the understanding and respect for mother nature's wisdom. Whether you want a pure detox, cleanse or to lose weight there is a safe, natural way to return to vitality and happiness. All our products are listed by the Australian Thereauputic Goods Administration.

Our Social Committment

Byron Bay Detox is an Australian owned and operated family business with a conscience. Buying local for business and home is our mandate and we constantly strive to reduce our carbon foot print. We make regular contributions to charitable, educational & health-related organisations that are meaningful to us. We don't claim to be perfect... we just try to make a little difference when we can.

ear candles | 12 pairs

ear candles | 12 pairs


43% OFF RRP $138.00
BE Relieved -  Calming Pain Relief
1% OFF RRP $59.90
Eco PainEze - Pain Relief Patches | 2 Boxes
29% OFF RRP $25.90
ear candles | 4 pairs

ear candles | 4 pairs


24% OFF RRP $46.00
Eco PainEze - Pain Relief Patches | 4 Boxes
33% OFF RRP $51.80
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100% Natural
100% Vegan
No Animal

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