Clair Ines - BALLINA NSW

Just wanted to say thank you again. As you can see, I have been using your ear candles for almost a year now. I really look forward to switching off and taking a break, to listen to the warm cracking crackling of the ear candles. I'm a firm believer that the body can and will heal itself when one focuses their intentions properly. Namaste.



Helen Mangas -  MELBOURNE VIC

I have tried so many types of ear candles and your slim line type sit perfectly in my ears. They really are comfortable. They have a long burn time and my favourite part is always cutting the bottom opened to see the debris and wax that have removed from my ear canal.


Brad Simminson - TOWNSVILLE QLD

I am in my late forties and have accumulated my fair share of toxins over the years. The Detox Foot Patches have performed admirably in helping me to remove my toxic accumulation. I feel more refreshed in the morning and notice fluid retention has reduced. Its great to see when they have changed color to a blackish, toxic slime. Drinking lots of lemon water during the week helps too.


Mel Hunter - TUGAN QLD

I have tried many natural detox programs in the past but could never maintain them. Since I incorporated your detox foot patches over night, I have been able to easily  see this latest detox programs through. The biggest upside is my increase in energy and clarity of mind. I feel I always get a better night's sleep when I am using the detox foot patches - thank you.


Pam Kawitz - TORQUEY VIC

Have been using pain patches for years. Eco PainEize are great for my low back pain and stiff neck pain. I put one on my lower back before bed time and next morning don't have the extreme stiffness. For the price, you can't beat them. Doesn't have that strong hospital smel and I love the natural Eucalyptus smell. I have already recommended to friends. Thank you!



These patches are perfect for me. I love my social sports, but also have arthritis in my knees and wrists. They work quickly for my knees. They take a bit longer for my wrists and work best when you cut them into the specific shapes to cover problem areas.