Health & Well-being with Paul Crebar

We decided we needed to pick the brains of inspiring people in our community, and listen to what they have to say about finding balance and fulfillment in their daily lives.



Paul Crebar is the Marketing and Communications manager at Santos Organics as well as a loving father. With a passion for sustainability, Paul is involved with numerous projects that are aimed to make positive envionmental change.


What brings you happiness, positivity and in your daily life?

Waking up and breathing the sweet oxygen that keeps my heart pumping along…and my family, the trees outside my house and my health.


What helps you stay inspired and motivated?

The fact that my heart is pumping along and is constantly sending out a vibration to the world that affects the interconnected web of life in very subtle but powerful ways. So, just how incredible life in all its forms really is!


How do you stay mindful and conscious?

There are several rituals that I undergo on a daily basis, but nothing is more powerful than listening to my self-talk before I react to a situation and deciding whether I want to maintain that thought process or create something new with the response I am about to give. My children are definitely the biggest teachers in being mindful and centred!


How did you get involved with Santos Organics?

I had worked with another similar organisation in Sydney, and when I came to Byron I knew that is where I wanted to work.


What is your biggest learning experience in the past year?

That babies are intelligent and wise beyond our understanding. I’ve got a 10 month old at home who is constantly baffling me with her ability to absorb information, communicate and respond to the plethora of stimulus that surrounds us that sometimes in our busy life we forget to respect and acknowledge.


How would you encourage people to have a healthy lifestyle?

I think the keys to a healthy lifestyle is having one or many daily rituals that acknowledges the spirit that runs throughout ourselves and all living things. When you realise you are a part of, not separate from, this truly magical living planet and that your actions today have huge ripple effects for many years on, you can’t not take care of this truly amazing human body that you inhabit for a short while here on earth. And with this you can’t not take care of this environment that gives so much to us humans and expects nothing in return. I could also suggest eating wholefoods, cooking with love and intention, centering your thoughts through meditation, stretching your beautiful body and loving as much as you can. And forgiving, that’s a very powerful way to be more healthy!


What inspirational things are going on in your local community?

There is so much I wouldn’t know where to start. There is The Mothers Centre that is opening soon to provide a place for families to obtain information on conception through to parenting that is aligned with a very different model to that in a conventional hospital and conventional education centres.

Renew Fest is happening again in 2017 which is a 100% renewable energy run festival and last year achieved a ZERO waste with its attendees!
Plastic Free Byron is powering ahead after a huge Plastic Free July and is an awesome collective of passionate organisations working on assisting business and consumers on taking single-use plastic out of their lives.

There is lots of support for Standing Rock in the States and the Bentley Effect Film has started to be screened which is just awesome!

Future Feeders and the Northern Rivers Young Farmers Alliance are both powering in getting young farmers onto the land and creating new models of fresh produce distribution.

Byron Surf Festival next year has a massive sustainability agenda which is so good to see.

Byron Hinterland Seed Savers launched which revolutionises the way we save and share seeds within the community.

There has just recently been the launch of Gasfield Free Brands which provides customers with a visual logo to ensure their purchases are not supporting those investing in gasfields and ENOVA Energy is up and running and is Australia’s first community owned energy retailer! I could keep on going but that’s just a taste of how awesome our community is in taking steps towards sustainable futures!


What is your favourite health product you use at home? And why do you love it?

My favourite health product is my Alkaway Water Filter. It alkalises our water, adds hydrogen and a bunch of other minerals and what is more precious and healthy than clean living water! Blessed we are.


What have you got coming up in the next year? Personal/professional goals.

Personally, being the most present and conscious father and husband I can be. Continuing to regenerate this little patch of paradise I live on.

Professionally, continuing to really push improved communications and collaborations amongst the many projects that I am aligned with in our community.




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